The peer review process  
The peer review process can be broadly summarized into 10 steps. 
Stage 1
Step 1A. Article Registration
Step 2A. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form Submission by each author
Step 3AM. Processing Fee Payment 
Step 4. Peer-reviewers Invitation
Step 5RA or E.The Disclosure Form Submission by each peer-reviewer
Step 6R. Review Registration
Step 7EAS. The Management Decision Letter 
Step 8A. The Article Update
Step 9. The Invitation Letter  
Step 10. The Authorisation Letter 
Having completed the 3A the authors can publish their work as “the draft ” to the target audience using our infrastructure. Article publication delay, which occurs in part due to constraints associated with peer review, can prevent the timely dissemination of critical and actionable data associated with new information. Therefore, we work together with authors in order to invite the best peer-reviewers for the manuscript in hand, however, it is the authors who send the invitations on behalf of DU Spikey. The reviewer can request the information needed to complete The Disclosure Form, however, the content of the invitation letter is decided by the authors. 
Having received some reviews SDJ aggregates the information and may or may not seek clarification from the authors before communicating The SDJ Decision to them. The authors can seek clarification,  may disagree with the proposed changes and are not required to explain why, however, this can be very helpful. 
The Step 9E completes the editorial work.
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