The Sagely.Digital Edge Journals deliver academically rigorous, practitioner-focused content and resources for the rapidly evolving environment. Each section of the journal contains peer-reviewed research and technical papers, delivered to a global audience digitally. Sagely.Digital serves holistically, broad and international readership communities that bridge academia and industry.  There are three main sections: The Quantitative Edge, The Learning Edge and The Decision Edge.
The Quantitative Edge publishes exclusive peer-reviewed papers selected for their originality, relevance and applicability to financial markets. Core areas include market and credit risk measurement and management, the pricing and hedging of derivatives and/or structured securities, the theoretical modelling of markets and portfolios. This list is not exhaustive.
The Learning Edge welcomes manuscripts  that account for how these new technologies and systems reconfigure learning experiences, assessment methodologies as well as future educational practices.
The Decision Edge's submissions can be empirical investigations, work in progress studies or emerging technology reports. Empirical investigations report quantitative or qualitative research and work-in-progress studies provide early insights into leading projects or document progressions of excellent research within the field of operations and data management.
• Detail the background to the project: Where does the project come from? What is its history? Who are the associates, if any? 
The Voronezh Winter Mathematical School was a unique annual event in the scientific life of the former Soviet Union. Over the years it attracted thousands of mathematicians, from undergraduates to world-renowned experts, and played a major role in spreading information about cutting edge results of mathematical research, triggering cooperation and educating new generations of mathematicians. While this was unique opportunity for researchers from different fields to be in the same place  the main focus was on young researchers who had to present their submissions in full and answer very specific questions, they were given as much time as they needed but the section would not move until they answered. The main presentation was never important,  the section chair would ask questions if something important was omitted. You were never judged by your answers. It was also opportunity for young researchers to ask questions and this was vital.This school did not have the language and, therefore, you can present in German or English, Ukrainian or Russian. You have to submit the updated version of your work after the school for publishing. It was learning event, The paper must be very carefully written, very clear, precise, rigorous and attractively presented, you can take existing peace and make it clearer and more relevant and more accessible to your target audience.It was never about learning from the mistakers. We usually encourage authors to submit the work  together with the recommendation letter where the content is summarised and unsolved questions are identified. The recommendation letter was confidential and used to evaluate the feedback from the reviewers. The section was appointed after the section was formed and had to verify the quality of submissions.
In Digital Era it should be easier to communicate and we know that asking the right question is far more important than answering because nobody can answer the wrong question. Sagely.Digital Journal implements the above: 
The Rationale
Sagely.Digital is benchmarked to Law and Economics but the target audience is not researchers but practitioners and educators.
We teach and, therefore,  we are happy to share our resources and teaching notes but we cannot take responsibility for your lessons. However, it nis obvious that the good starting points saves time and generates better results. There is submission fee and we offer 50% reduction if you can review the content published as  "the work in progress" .
We teach and, therefore, our students can get practical experience and yours can do too, I am happy to provide reference and for educators CPD certificate. 
We teach and, therefore, we are looking for the best students we can get, you can start by asking questions. We will publish entrance tests for you. to demonstrate your skills and to ask question.